Breakthrough ’20


Based on The Ministry of Education’s recent announcement to cancel any events or gatherings and following the health and safety procedures which we are always keen on applying, we have decided to cancel Breakthrough. Please refer back to us for fees refund through messaging our page.

Thank you for your continuous cooperation.



For all high school students who are interested in studying abroad or internships. Or those who want to catch early admissions for universities in Egypt, BREAKTHROUGH CALLS!



Breakthrough is a step for high school students that helps them take action towards their future. It includes all the following:

    • Internships
    • International Universities
    • Local Universities
    • Mock Interviews
    • High Schoolers Open Mic
    • Bazar with brands made by students

Not only that, but we will also open the Early Application for Wheelers 4.0 at Breakthrough!!!!!!!!



Commitment Fees: 50 LE


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  1. Avatar

    This will be a great event as usual ofc!!

  2. Avatar
    Abdallah akram

    I am highschooler at grade 11

  3. Avatar
    Menna Kamel

    When will the event start?

  4. Avatar
    Nour Sameh El Barbary

    I want to be part of the bazaar what shall i do?

    1. Avatar

      Message us at our instagram account @iSparkegypt and we’ll tell you the steps

  5. Avatar
    Nour Sameh El Barbary

    Can i do spray painting their or not ,plus is it an open air or closed.

    1. Avatar

      Yes Sure! You can Join the Bazar!
      Message us at our instagram account @iSparkegypt and we’ll tell you the steps

  6. Avatar
    Rawan ahmed farag

    I willing to learn and discover more about myself and to develop my skills

  7. Avatar
    Menna mahmoud

    Im excited about this event

  8. Avatar

    I am excited about this event

  9. Avatar

    I am so excited about the event

  10. Avatar
    Toka elsheikh

    I want to attent this event🥰🤩💪

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