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PSMUN is an annual Model United Nations held at Platon IB School at Athens, Greece. This year, this conference is taking place in March hosting 3000+ Students from 80+ countries.

In a Collaboration between iSpark & MUN Inc., We’ll be hosting an Egyptian Delegation to PSMUN.

Councils & Committees
By participating in PSMUN, delegates will participate in thought-provoking, innovative debates with the 4 General Assembly Committees (Disarmament & International Security, Social Humanitarian & Cultural, Special Political & Decolonisation and Legal) and 6 Specialised Agencies (ECOSOC, Environmental Commission, ICJ, Security Council, the G20 and the Special Conference).

Details:Click Here

Date:4 March till 11 March 2020

Your Investment:1,600€

Deadline: 25 November 2019

Payment Includes:

  1. All Travel Expenses
  2. MUN Inc. Membership fees
  3. 12 session program (Gamefied Skill-based workshops)
  4. SDGs Community Events + Mini MUN
  5. PSMUN Conference fees
  6. Roundtrip Airport
  7. Transfers in Athens
  8. Travel Insurance

Prior to the trip, MUN Inc. will be delivering 12-session program to prepare the participating students for the conference (December – February)

Note: We are holding an Info Session for the program on Monday 18 November at 5:30 PM at iSpark’s office in New Cairo. You and your parents are welcomed to join.

Application:Apply Here

Deadline: 25 November, 2019

For More Details about the Conference: Click Here

For further assistance call us on: 0120 8100 664 – 0106 4991 938

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