Traverse 2019

TRAVERSE | The Biggest High School Students Summit in the Middle East!


Event Info

Traverse this year will consist of two days with two different agendas (Agenda will be posted soon)
  • Day (1): Friday 11th of October 2019   |   1:30 PM —> 7:30 PM
  • Day (2): Saturday 12th of October 2019   |   11:30 AM —> 7:00 PM

Ticket Prices

  • Early Bird: 300 LE  (During August) 
  • Regular Ticket: 350 LE (During September)
  • Late Ticket: 425 LE (1-9 October)



So, why should I come, you ask…

Well, here it is, at iSpark all of us remember what it was like being a confused high schooler, not knowing what we like or what we want to do with our lives..

So, we thought what better way to help you discover what you like and what you can do than to bring all the opportunities to you, along with a pretty-awesome-life-changing experience.

This year at Traverse we want you to look to the future. How can the person I am today and the simple choices I take influence who I become?

How can you take the worst and make the best out of it? How can you flip your life upside down?

The astonishing stories that will be shared during this year’s Traverse will sure to inspire you, because, just like you and me, all the people we see around us went through the same confusion at your age, but the difference is they were able to seize the moment and seize the opportunities that came their way. And now, its your turn!

Expires 31 August
Early bird

Traverse: the Biggest Summit for High School Students in the Middle East!

Traverse gives you a glimpse of the different careers you can explore and the organizations you can participate in while you're still in school. You'll get the chance to explore various opportunities with local and international universities, as well as the chance to explore your interests through workshops, career mentorships, extra-curricular activities, fun activities and inspiring speakers.

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Event Details
  • Days
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    October 11, 2019 13:30
  • End Date
    October 12, 2019 19:00
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    Tahrir Square Downtown 12451 Cairo, Egypt