Ahmed Saeed ElRosy

Ahmed ElRosy is an Engineer who graduated from German University in Cairo and now a candidate at Edinburgh Business School doing his Master’s of Business Administration specialized in Strategic Planning. During his college period, Ahmed was from the founding team who started the biggest charity club in GUC. He participated in different student activities; one of which is working with the GUC administrative office as part of the SCAD marketing team. After he graduated from university and spending his last semester in Germany, he worked as a Renewable Energy Engineer in a startup. Afterwards, he discovered new passion to Education, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. So, he joined the multi-national educational company, Engineeius. Afterwards, he took an operational role in leading and expanding Engineeius in Egypt. He then founded his startup, iSpark. He is currently acting as the Chief Operational Officer. He is responsible for HR, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Operations. The 2 companies impacted around 50,000 student.

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