Farah Tarek Seif

Farah Tarek Seif is a Certified Professional Coach through an International Coach Federation ACSTH Program and Coaching Partner at Discover Your Talents (DYT). She helps people match their natural talents with a best-fit career and reach their potentials in life and work. Farah also develop their performance to get the maximum benefit from their effort at work.
She is currently working as a part-time trainer and coach with Ispark (which aims to build a more competent generation focusing on school students through connecting them with personal and career development opportunities)where she was able to train and coach almost 800+ high school students in more than 12+ international schools.
She is also a freelancer trainer, where she had the opportunity to work with various collages and Multinational companies such as Red rock international , CIC (Canadian international collage) , TIEC(Technology innovation and Entrepreneurship center),Intellect ,MESE (Model Egyptian stock exchange ),and KELMA consulting and training LTD .
Farah had the privilege of conducting public sessions in events such as Career summit and Career Insider for 500+ attendees.
With more than 8 years of experience in a multinational bank where she held various tasks and responsibilities, achieving high performance and standards.
Furthermore is was the Team Leader of “Benebny Hayat” NGO for almost 4 years which aims at reconstructing and developing poor villages in Egypt, which enabled her to work with reputable educational institutions such as “El-Hayat academy”,قلب كبير” and” Misr elkhier”.

She had learned a lot during her past years and would like to utilize this valuable experience in helping others to reach their goals and to unleash their potentials.

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