Sarah Kabil

Sarah Kabil is Currently the Head of Marketing at iSpark. She graduated from Misr International University where she studied Mass Communication majoring in IMC. She is currently finishing her Marketing Diploma at The American University in Cairo.

Sarah has been working in the Marketing Field for 5 years. She’s specialized in Integrated Marketing Communication yet keeps expanding her knowledge through the specialities of marketing. She is skilled in Photography, Branding & Identity, Videography, Creative Writing, Digital Communication and Graphic Design. All of which has helped her grow fast in the field of Marketing.

Besides her vast experience in Digital Marketing, Throughout the past 3 years she has led over 250 offline brand representatives through sales and offline activations; all in which are beginners in the field.

Moreover, She has worked with 5 Start-Ups as a Branding Consultant in 2020.

Sarah has studied Neuro Linguistic Programmingand got certified from The International Academy for Training and Consulting, USA and The International NLP Trainers Associations (INLPTA). These studies have complimented her work in marketing by understanding on a deeper level the motives and the psychographics, in general, of the audiences she has dealt with.

Sarah has a passion towards Entrepreneurial Marketing. She likes to take Start-Ups as a challenge and see how can different Marketing Applications & Strategies help them grow.

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